JAG Engineering, Inc. is certified as a Small Business Enterprise (SBE), and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) though the Texas Unified Certification Program with all local government agencies including the City of Houston, and METRO.
JAG Engineering, Inc. is a Texas Department of Transportation administratively approved firm and is pre-certified in the following categories:
3.1.1 Route Studies & Schematic Design Minor Roadways
3.2.1 Route Studies & Schematic Design Major Roadways
3.3.1 Route Studies & Schematic Design Complex Highways
3.4.1 Minor Bridge Layouts
3.5.1 Major Bridge Layouts
4.1.1 Minor Roadway Design
4.2.1 Major Roadway Design
4.3.1 Complex Highway Design
4.4.1 Major Freeway Interchanges and Direct Connectors
7.1.1 Traffic Engineering Studies
8.1.1 Signing, Pavement Marking and Channelization
8.2.1 Illumination
8.3.1 Signalization
8.5.1 Highway-Rail Grade Crossings
9.1.1 Bicycle and Pedestrian Facility Development
10.1.1 Hydrologic Studies
10.2.1 Basic Hydraulic Design
10.3.1 Complex Hydraulic Design
11.1.1 Roadway Construction Management and Inspection
15.1.1 Survey
15.1.2 Parcel Plats
15.1.3 Legal Descriptions
15.1.4 Right-Of-Way Maps